Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Stop the Greenbank development !

This is the opening of the Save our Foreshores blog, dedicated to bringing together those who care about the environment of Falmouth's historic waterfront, part of which is currently under threat from a major new apartment development by the Greenbank Hotel.


Anonymous said...

How do I get more info

me said...

The intentions of the Greenbank hotel to develop this beautiful part of Falmouth are in my view monstrous.
I regularly visit the area where my Mother is a resident. My parents had a dream to live in the Terraced area of Greenbank and with much hard work managed to fulfill their goal. Enjoying the beautiful views and water-life that the river offers.
To think that "one" can ruin for "all" makes me very angry, I see it as Greed, Bullying and a unashamed display of respect for one's neighbours.
Increasingly we are walked on and treated as fools by Government, Councils and Large Organisations often in the pusuit of Financial gain.
I for one have had enough.
I will be sending my thoughts to the local council members etc, talking to friends not neccessarily residents of Falmouth and have added links to 3 of my Business and personal websites.

me said...

That should have read "lack of respect"