Monday, 1 December 2008

The website is now online - the website address is

There is also an email address for the website at this email address

You can also get to this blog from the website - there is a button and link to it.

The website is intended to be a living document, and we expect to add to it as we get more information and feedback.

If you know anyone who has a personal or business website who could put a link on their website to the Save our Foreshores website it would help enormously with the technical side of getting the website listed in the search engines.

Please have a look at the website and email us at if you have any comments. You can use the "Make your views known" page on the website to contact the various planning committees who have to decide on this proposal.

Please email the website address to everyone you know, urging them to look at the website, comment via email or by this blog, and write or email the planners. It is not just local residents that have a right to object, but anyone with an interest in protecting historic and/or natural environments, wherever they are.

Your letters and comments must be in by 17th December.

If anyone has a personal or business website that can link to our website it would be very helpful. We want this campaign to be as widely known as possible.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Stop the Greenbank development !

This is the opening of the Save our Foreshores blog, dedicated to bringing together those who care about the environment of Falmouth's historic waterfront, part of which is currently under threat from a major new apartment development by the Greenbank Hotel.